Rock Stars, Music Icons, Alcohol, and Drug Overdose

There is a stating that rock and roll stars survive on the edge and drive in the quick lane. Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley, Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, and Michael Hutchence of INXS did just that. They were music icons who survived on the edge. Unfortunate to state, their fame and fortune likewise led to their unfortunate deaths. Exactly what’s more alarming is these stars die a few years after accomplishing fame. News of rock stars and other music icons passing away young is worrying, since their deaths are related to substance overdose.

Of the 100 stars that passed away from 1956 to 2005, bulk of these American “music icons” passed away at the age of 42 on average, while those from Europe passed away at 35 years of age. Undesirable way of life, inappropriate diet plan, drug dependency, and alcohol and compound abuse.

According to the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, alcohol and drug are the primary causes of lots of deaths of music stars, which made up one in every four deaths. Alcohol damages the body in lots of methods. It can influence the brain and can result in poor coordination, defective judgment, slowed reflexes, distorted vision, memory lapses, and blackouts. Alcohol can damage many organs in the body. It is soaked up straight in the blood stream and raises the danger of getting life-threatening ailments like cancer. Incredibly high dosages of alcohol can even trigger alcohol poisoning, coma, or even death.

The human body can only manage so numerous contaminants at when, this is the reason why illegal drugs ought to not be taken with alcohol. There are times that drug can chemically interact with alcohol, when taken with alcohol it distributes quicker in the blood stream and take impact quicker. These are the reasons why alcohol and drug overdose is one of the leading cause of death among music icons and lots of people.

The number of rock stars who passed away and are dying at a young age is cause of alarm for society because many artists are influential amongst children and young individuals. Young people of today want to be rock stars more than anything else. Sad to state, all the fame, fortune, and cash were not able to change the reality that numerous rock stars and music icons died early.

It is clear that these rock stars were not happy at all. Dead rock stars are tips of the discomfort and anxiety that may take place as side impacts of fame.