Top 5 Music Videos of 2015 So Far

Year 2015 has not ended yet but we’ve already seen numerous great music videos from overly famous music artists to the ones are starting to make a name in the industry. The music video gives us more idea about the song and it makes us more appreciate every single on the top charts. If you’re interested or just curious, you may also be wondering how the production team were able to create movie-like or super creative videos. Surely, the team used a wireless camera and other types of cameras for the different angling. Below are the top five music videos. You may agree or disagree with this.

“FourFiveSeconds”, Rihanna, Kanye West and Paul McCartney

The video is Rihanna’s first after her hugely successful Unapologetic album. It was a result of colliding brass tacks with bare bones, which make the video striking. The mood in the video also made the song more infectious particularly in terms of the vibe that it wants to exude. It became more interesting because of the black and white, scaled down part that shows Paul McCartney and Kanye West. Like the track, the video is simple but catchy and instantly sets you on the mood. It’s like being carefree and just not minding about problems and what stresses you. With the different framing and angling, you may wonder how you can use a wireless camera system to achieve the same effect. The video was simple but brilliant.

“Bad Blood”, Taylor Swift

Much has been said about the video before it was released. There was a hype about it and the press people were able to manage to let millions of people talk about it and anticipate its release. Well, no one was surely disappointed when it was finally shown around the world. The video was like a short version of an action film were the women are the antagonists and protagonists. Viewers surely loved the idea of showing famous imagery from highly popular movies such as Sin City, Tron, Divergent, The Most Beautiful Suicide, and The Hunger Games. If you’re going to make this kind of video, you’ll be needing not just one wireless camera.

“Bills”, Lunchmoney Lewis

Lewis has been in the music industry for some time. He has worked with Nicki Minaj in The Pinkprint’s Trini Dem Girls. He has also worked for Fifth Harmony in co-writing BO$$. As a singer-rapper, the Bills’ music video successfully introduced his charms to the world. The lyrics of the song are catchy and hits you instantly because it’s something that you have to face every day. So, the video is a literal interpretation of the song and we see no problem with that. The single is so engaging that we feel unsatisfied whenever it ends.

“Elastic Heart”, Sia

The camera work is interesting because the video was able to relay the message of the lyrics. Like Chandelier’s, the video for Elastic Heart is very unique but disturbing in a way. It presents Maddie Ziegler, the phenomenal character in Sia’s first music video. The whole video presented Maddie and Shia LaBeouf who battle about their feelings. It didn’t show however who won in the end. You need a well-positioned wireless camera system if you want to achieve the same effect and feel.

“Sugar”, Maroon 5

The track alone is irresistible. But when the video came out, no couldn’t help but grin and feel all the love the scenes are inducing. It is all about how the band attacked every wedding ceremony they can reach.

These are some of the best music videos this year. There are more than two months still, and we can expect more from great artists.